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Lisa P.
Great reins for arthritic hands!

I have arthritic, weak hands; these reins help me maintain a steady connection. I highly recommend them.

Emily O
Perfect reins for me!

I love the feel these reins give me! They are soft leather with enough padding to give an easy grip without being too squishy. Light weight, good quality with handy stops.

Kathleen Maxwell

These reins are so comfortable and easy to grip.

Debra Jones
5 Stars

These reins make such a difference while riding. Great quality, great grip, what a wonderful addition to helping me ride in my senior years

Julia T.
Great for grip and painful hands

I have some issues with arthritis in my hands which makes it quite painful to hold the reins steadily without slippage; I’m able to grip these reins with less pressure and it is much easier on my hands and much more stable for the horse.


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