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Lynn Fowler
Still getting used to them

I am still trying to get used to them. The quality is very nice. My horse can’t pull them through my arthritic hands so easily. I think they will be good for me, but my hands are actually a little sore from holding them. Anyway, ask me again in another month.

Elizabeth Wilson
Game changer

Such an amateur rider. Reins always slipped slightly without realizing it. I can really feel my correct length and maintain it. My half halts are much more effective.

Julie Oneill
Game Changer

I’m not a confident rider and was always being told about my “lose right reign” and not let my horse pull me!!
I started using children’s coloured reigns ( I’m not proud) so that I could see more clearly that I was “even”
I was advised that I could get “adult” versions 😱
I was astounded when I read that these reigns are good for weak and arthritic wrists. It’s never dawned on me in my 10 years of riding 8 years of this owning my horse ( I started at 44 yrs old!!!) that my inability to hold reigns correctly/tightly was down to the fact that I tore the tendons in both wrists 18 yrs ago when I fell holding my newborn baby.
I can’t even peel veg correctly because of my wrists. I can’t believe it’s never registered when I’m riding about my pathetic wrists!!!! Probably because they don’t hurt.
You live n learn.
N my horse isn’t happy about my new found grip 😂
Thank you x

Timothy Porter
Did the Trick

These reins are the answer to my grip and connection issues with my horse. My trainer and I were at a loss to why my horse rooted and caused me to lose grip whether at a a standstill, walk, or trot. I was having difficulty with my hand and fingers due to stiffness, cramping and likely arthritis. My wife found these reigns and they have done the trick. My control and connection with my horse have drastically improved. I highly recommend these reigns to anyone with hand and gripe issues.


Love these reins!!! Makes it so much easier for these old hands.


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